anna romberg

anti-corruption, governance and ethics & compliance expert

  • hands on support based on extensive in-house experience from compliance, internal audit, internal control and risk management
  • ensuring adequate board & management response to corporate conduct issues
  • providing well established assurance, compliance & anti-corruption expertise
  • building ethics & compliance programs that makes sense and meet regulatory requirements
  • Interim Chief Compliance Officer/ offloading the Chief Compliance Officer/ General Counsel
  • retainer based 'team member' supporting with e.g. project based work, investigations, remediation projects, training activities, design of improved/ updated policies, processes and controls, preparation of compliance program plans, management and board presentations and reports
  • managing and coordinating complex internal investigations
  • corporate culture assessments
  • organisational ethics survey - Nordic survey benchmark
  • co-founder of the Nordic Business Ethics Network

"I always work closely with the internal team to ensure that anything that I do is anchored in the reality and 'easy' to implement in practice. I am happy to brainstorm around how I possibly could support your organisation."

☎️ +358 40 6325 112