anna romberg

passionate about business ethics, good governance and compliance

Anna Romberg is passionate about business ethics, good governance and compliance. She is a lifelong learner with a PhD in Corporate Governance and Compliance and has a special interest in the human aspect of ethics and compliance programs. She has supported numerous global companies with governance and compliance related matters as an executive and through her own business. She has been involved in interaction with authorities, in relation to compliance challenges and remediation programs in Europe, Latin America, South-Africa and the US and is known for her pragmatic and results-oriented approach and for ”making things happen in complex organisations”.

Anna is a co-founder of the Nordic Business Ethics Initiative and has co-authored the book ”The Grey Zone - a practical guide to corporate conduct, compliance and business ethics

Anna is a current member of the Executive Management team at Getinge, a leading provider of products and systems within health care and life sciences, heading the Global Legal, Compliance and Governance function.